Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sun and fun around the pool.

We were going to go to the zoo.
Then the grandkids tested the pool water and changed their minds.
OK, that's how I would have liked it to go. Instead it was the grownups that changed their minds and decided that if the sun is shinning and the pool is 83 degrees that they wanted to hang out there.
Kids being kids did a bit of whining then adapted.
Here's an album of some pictures from the day. I'll be adding to it as the week goes on so if you are interested save the link.
John decided to make dinner. As you can see he's working on getting those kabobs just perfect. Me? I just enjoying my beer and cookie. I know it's one of the four food groups I just don't remember which one or two.
We'll do the Zoo another day, I promise.
So, did you notice I changed the Header? Those pictures are from last night. James and I took our cameras outside to photograph the storm that was rolling through. Great color, great shots and not a drop of rain the entire evening. Somewhere it was pouring but not over our house.
James showed me how to set my camera so I can switch back and forth from black and white to color when I am shooting a picture.
John mentioned in a kindly way that I could have learned that already IF I HAD READ THE MANUAL.

He is such a silly MAN. :)Bea


  1. that's one very happy sleeping baba :o) Love your new photographs.

  2. What a pretty baby. Ah to be young. Those clouds are beautiful! I know all about manuals in boxes. LOL!!! I'm with the kids in the pool and you're right...cookies and beer are in the food group. LOL!

  3. I noticed the header right away...
    Stunning! Manual, Shmanual, right?

  4. the sky photos are spectacular---no, i wouldn't have read the manual either...

  5. What gorgeous photos Bea. I'm sure the children will always remember the happy times they have spent at your house, in the pool and playing super games in the garden. I love your pool. What a fabulous photo that one of Sawyer is, and the 'dunce's hat' photos are fabulous too. What a pretty girl she is. A lovely family.

  6. She's growing up too fast. She's nine and sometimes looks much older but acts much younger. :)Bea

  7. What a riot you are Zeus's ....mother? LOL

    Beautiful baby, gorgeous new header - typical functional family with a bit of dys and dat.

    Lovely writing Bea.

    Now go buy that paper!