Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Much Needed Rain

My Pink climbing roses are at the very end of their blooming. Something has been chewing holes in their leaves. I suspect it's those funny looking iridescent beetles.
We had a slow, steady long awaited rain today. I was happy to work inside getting caught up on some of those household jobs that are the first to be overlooked with new babies and company.
The sun has come out now and everything looks so lush. It's nice to have Mother Nature do the watering for a change.
I've been looking for my sketchbook and can't find it. I remember showing my granddaughter my Petite Doll sketches and notes and I wonder if she "borrowed" my book to do some of her own sketching? lol Well, good for her.
I woke up this morning from a dream where I was apparently telling my self something. You ever have one of those? I was telling this self that it was perfectly ok to do my shabby background technique, that I am learning in SuziBlu's class and NOT put on a petite doll figure if I wasn't happy with it.
Funny how sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to do something our own way. I have a petite doll and I've been working on the techniques but I'm not happy with it. For one, it's just not my style. I love the background technique that I am learning and that is certainly one that I will incorporate into my work.
I can still do the background, collage my own elements onto it and do the bee's waxing of the entire thing.
I know this sounds like such a simple solution but honestly I've been pushing the whole problem around for a couple of days now. So, I will listen to my dream self and do it my way. And, keep working on drawing faces until I find my own style.

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  1. Right on Bea! You have to make it your own. I find that looking at magazines with art, such as Somerset, throw me off. While they're nice to look at and great to learn techniques, I want what I make to reflect "me." So I know exactly what you mean about the petite doll. Can't wait to see what background you've been working on! Love your pink climbing rose. Does it meander over a trellis or fence? It's beautiful.