Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lost pets

I found this ad posted on the Library notice board.
I'm trying to wrap my mind around the relationship that somebody had with this turtle. Was it always there for them? Was it a good listener?
Was it a good racer?
I'm being serious here.
I love the way it's described but no name is given. Probably had a problem training it to respond to Henry or Speedy. I also like the way they ask you to call or deliver it to them.

I know nothing about turtles. Well, I know that once my husband stopped the car on a country road and thoughtfully picked up a rather large turtle from the middle of the road, only to have it piss all over him.
Ok, maybe not all over him but enough to make all of us in the car think twice about being so considerate.
It's nice to know it's color and length but is it a snapping turtle?
And, if I see a turtle down at my pond that is brown and yellow and about 7" long how will I know it's your turtle? Did you write your name or his name in magic marker anywhere on him? I didn't think so.

Me thinks this ad is slightly passive aggressive. Did the adult that was "helping" the lost pet owner not really want this "pet" back. Was it lost at the park when they were playing in the grass. Was it lost when it decided to go on walk about in the neighborhood. Did it fall out of a backpack on the way home from Science Summer School?

I've never lost a pet.

I have gotten papers stuffed in my mailbox with pictures of the lost animal, their name, their health issues, where they were last known to have been, how to approach them, where to call, land lines, cell phones, etc. The amount of information is staggering but obviously the animal is well loved, missed and the owners are frantic to get it back.
While shopping in the local market I checked the ad board and no sign for the missing turtle was there. I also checked the local drugstore, another popular spot to post items, again no Missing Turtle.
The top picture I had to snap from the car when my light changed faster than I could get my camera up and working.
That's it.
That's pretty sad.
As a cat owner I want to stop and write notes all over that board.
I take it back we did lose a pet for a short time. Lucky for us he was trained to come to his name and he was probably one of the smartest pets we owned. It was one of James' assorted rats that we acquired after his summer science program. I think it was Cocoa. She managed to get down into the walls of the house during a remodeling of the upstairs bathroom.
Like I said, she was smart, we called her and she came back up from somewhere in the wall and into James' hands. I never ever, ever, ever, thought I would say that I liked rats. AND, I probably don't like the ones you might find in a vacant building or old lot but these white and soft brown colored "lab" rats were smart, clean, quiet and pretty lovable. You could actually teach them things and they would interact with you.
I may be wrong but I'm not sure you can teach a turtle much of anything.
We had all sorts of small furry pets when the boys were young and the rats were the only small furry pets I enjoyed. We also had pets that required constant feeding of crickets. About on the same level as the turtle in my book.
I hope that the lost turtle is found. I hope the lost cat is found.
Now, I'm going to go pet Louie and Cleo and give Murphy a big hug and be very thankful that they haven't run away or gotten lost.


  1. Oh what a lovely post Bea, you do make me smile! Lost Cat. Hmmm, very helpful - not!! No wonder it's lost, one thinks! As for the turtle - the mind boggles! We used to have tortoises when I was a child and I loved it. It was just so weird and every winter used to go under the bath in a box and hibernate! My father rather uninspiringly called it 'tort' (tortoise). It lived for many years and never ran (or ambled) away. lol.

  2. These tortoises can live 50 years or more. I knew a kid growing up who had three of them. Her father was an architect and they had this front atrium in there house built especially just for them. Her father's office looked out on it. The tortoises had been her father's since he was a little boy. They would come to him and he would feed them treats. I thought it was really cool my friend was somewhat embarrassed by the whole thing.