Thursday, July 09, 2009

Library Prairie Restoration

Our local library has turned part of their grounds into a Prairie Walk and Oak Savanna Restoration. Murphy and I stopped there this morning for a walk along their paths. It was BEAUTIFUL. I put together an album of some pictures I took:
Arlene had written me asking for a picture of the whole Compass Plant so she could see how tall they were. In the album of pictures you will see it towering over the other wildflowers. In one vista picture you can actually see a number of Compass Plants on the top of the hill.
Our Red-wing Blackbirds have disappeared from the yard. In fact I haven't seen them around anywhere until this morning. Murphy and I disturbed one male who did quite a bit of dive bombing us to get us to move on past where the nests must have been.
I finished replanting the perennial garden bed by Dog In The Hole Studio/barn. I started edging the bed around the pool fence. We never did a proper edging and we didn't put enough mulch down. Today I'm going to tackle that issue. I thought that the ground would be soft from the rain yesterday but I've had to put the soaker on that bed just to get my edging tool into the soil.
Well, I've had my break and it's time to go edge some more. It's hard work but it does look so nice when it's finished.

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  1. Its great that your public library has turned part of their grounds into a wildflower haven!

    Thanks for the good try on the muslin...but that's the natural muslin, I want the white, bleached muslin and no one carries it anymore-only the natural beige.
    I loved the weave-it really looked like the weave of the white in the vintage quilts I have. And it was cheap-I wonder if that's why no one is carrying it anymore-not a big enough margin?