Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 2, 2009

I did crop this in my photo editing program, moved it to a new file, like I have always done and refuses to keep the cropped picture.
I hope that when you click on the picture you can see the mother and two babies a little better.
She brought them down to the pond for their first "play" session.
Last years twins would race around the edge of the pond, in the water. Just tear around. These two were a little more cautious.
Mary finally got to go home from the hospital today. When they found she had coughed up some blood days after delivery the hospital went into quarantine mode. Everybody wearing masks, Mary feeling terrible because Riley and Nate got sent home. It was a trying two days but all tests came back negative so she was sent home with good wishes. She's very happy.
I'm expecting my older son, his wife and my three grandchildren to arrive tonight from Minnesota. They are spending the weekend with us. They are all excited to see Mary and the new baby. What fun!
I haven't done ANYTHING in the studio. Everything has been on hold with the new baby. I'm going to relax with the family this weekend and then next week try to get back to some projects.
I hope you had a creative day. I hope you have a creative tomorrow.
CREATE it is so good for your soul. :)Bea


  1. Oh those deer as so cute. I can see them. How lovely for you. And I'm glad Mary has been allowed home and that your family are coming to visit. I bet the children will be excited to see the baby. Quite right, take a rest from your art for a few days and enjoy your lovely family.

  2. Coyotes, deer twins, a new baby
    (and a scare with Mary)! Those 2 chairs in the secluded little area look so inviting for a calming sit down.
    all my best with my hand in the air,