Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's something fun for you blog junkies!

I stopped by Seth's blog and found he is doing something interesting this week. I took out a portion of his blog so you could see what's up.
If you want to see his entire blog go to:

On July 16th I'll go back and pull up an entry that I particularly liked to share in the fun. Maybe you missed it and it will be new. If you already read it maybe you will enjoy seeing it again. :)

" So...Buried Treasure is about digging deep to uncover some hidden gems. The premise is simple. On Thursday July 16 all participating bloggers will re-post one (or more) of their favorite posts from their blog. As you might already know, I don't like too many rules when it comes to art and art collaboratives. So anything goes. Please leave a comment on this post or email me if you would like to participate. Just try and let me know by Tuesday July 14. On July 16, I will post a list of all participating artists so that you can be sure to find all the Buried Treasure. Feel free to let your own readers know about this project by spotlighting it on a post prior to reveal day. Happy hunting!"


  1. SO glad you will be joining in the treasure hunt! And thanks for the shout sout about the project in this post!

  2. Absolutely! I've met more interesting creative people from blogs! Do stop back again. :)Bea

  3. Bea, I love the pink Hydrangea at the top! It's beautiful! I love the pink flowers. Interesting blog post about hidden treasures. Can't wait to see what you bring back.

  4. I should have caught up on your blog earlier, shouldn't I? Then I would have known about the buried treasure. Too many lovely blogs to see, too little time...