Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess what's in town?

I was running errands this morning and found the traveling amusement part had set up their rides yesterday. Not a soul was around so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the carousel horses.
When my daughter, Mary was very little and saw the Merry-Go-Round she thought it was Mary go round and would tell us LOUDLY that she, MARY wanted to go round and round.
Well, maybe you had to be there.
Because I have always loved that little tidbit I always associate her with Merry-Go-Rounds. She on the other hand associates herself with the moon and stars. Despite the fact that she has a butterfly tattoo.
When I was younger, much younger, there was an older, retired policeman that was our crossing guard. I was in Kindergarten when he was motioning little people across his street. He would hand me a nickle when I crossed and tell me to go treat myself to some candy.
This was in a more innocent age when children could trust crossing guards and could happily take a Buffalo Head nickle and buy a strip of candy buttons.
He retired at the end of the school year but for some reason he bought me a gift. He gave me a little bronze elephant engraved with, Good Luck To You.
From that one elephant, people bought me more elephants. They told me that they were good luck. My collection grew.
One day I gave my collection of elephants to someone I had grown fond of. I wanted her to have good luck in life. I only kept two elephants for myself. The original bronze one and one that my daughter had bought for me.
I've been told that a collection is when you have three of something.
I don't have a collection of elephants anymore.
I do have two elephants that I treasure and enjoy.


  1. Bea, what a lovely post. Gosh, that Mary-go-Round is so beautiful. It's in much better condition than any I've seen before and the horses are so beautiful. I hope you don't mind, I've copied the picture as I love it. My dear departed Mother-in-law (husband number 2's Mum) Connie, used to love going on the Carousel (as she called them) and up until she was 79 we would take her on it. She was a lovely, fiesty lady. I had a similar collection with hedgehogs. I had one then people bought me more and I ended up with dozens. Now I only have a very select few, like you. Super post.

  2. What memories your pictures have brought back. One of my first "ART" jobs was restoring the carousel at Greenfield Village in Detroit. My first apprentice gilding job. This carousel looks to be in good condition. How sweet of your Mary to think it was all for her. Which we all know it was....