Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly or What happened when Zeus and Hera Threw Thunderbolts.

Zeus was married to Hera.
Both were strong willed Gods.
Both had a set of thunderbolts.
Opening day of vacation Hera went out with her oldest son to find food. She spent over an hour finding and bringing home food for nine and possibly more people.
She was greeted by roaring Zeus who wanted breakfast. Who expected Hera to have picked up donuts for breakfast.
Hera glanced at him and suggested that he make his own.
Zeus threw thunderbolts at the sky.
Zeus proceeded to make pancakes.
Hera unloaded groceries and put them away.
Zeus glared.
Hera glared back.
Zeus said that hot breakfast should be provided on the first day of vacation.
Hera replied that adult people could certainly make their own breakfast and that when last polled they had exactly what they wanted for breakfast already.
Zeus continued to make pancakes.
Only one son ate breakfast. Not one to miss any meal, he is.
One son boycotted breakfast on principle.
One son's wife kept her head low.
One son's wife got her tea and ignored the lot.
Small children had been fed so they weren't around.
Hera had fed them earlier, before she drove to the store, shopped for an hour, spent money, drove home and put seven bags of groceries away.
Zeus thought that Hera, who NEVER buys donuts should have bought DONUTS at the grocery store.
Second day of vacation, Zeus went out and bought donuts.
He threw thunderbolts when Hera refused to make breakfast claiming that donuts were a meal.
One son's wife muttered that some body's blood sugar was low.
One son agreed.
Hera had enough of the discussion and went outside to throw rocks. Well, actually, she was finishing making her rock bed so it wasn't all that wild.
The operatic episode between Hera and Zeus occurred on day one and two of the beginning of the vacation.
I tell you this because this morning Zeus was out early and brought home
Hera was in the kitchen making pancakes.
She placed two pancakes on Zeus' plate.
He smiled and said, "No thank you, I had some donuts and coffee and I'm full."
I mention this story only to show some of my readers that we are a normal family. Well, except for the Zeus and Hera references.


  1. HAHA!!! Great story! I bet the little kids are behaving!! LOL!!

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Send Zeus over for Russ' Sunday morning breakfast - Zephyr pancakes.


  3. Linda, the little people were fed early and never knew that the Gods were upset. lol

    OOOOh Janet, what a good idea. Then they can go hit little balls with long skinny sticks. :)Bea

  4. Oh what fun, I am still laughing. People can be so bloody awkward at times, can't they? Especially with the pressures of being on holiday. I presume it all smoothed over!

  5. I hate it when somebody thinks I'm a mind reader, you know. sigh...
    Ask, tell, talk or communicate in some way and I'll do the same.