Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching up.

Last night after dinner I just needed to grab my camera and take a drive.
I told John I was going out and he offered to drive me. That's love I tell you.
We enjoy just taking an evening ride around on our back roads. If he sees something camera worthy or I do he will stop the car, back up, turn around and even just sit in the car and wait for me to wander around up and down the road.
I got a lot of good shots but these two were blog worthy for now.
I almost had a great shot of a horse on his back, in the field, wiggling around. When he caught me looking at him with the camera he jumped up and acted very dignified. darn lol
John surprised me last night by suggesting that after our company goes that I move the guest bedroom furniture out of the new room and move my painting supplies in. I've been camped out in the garage since the weather got nicer and I could leave my car outside.
Until the barn studio gets finished I really don't have a home for my mixed media supplies. Moving into the orange sherbet room with the new tile is just heaven. Someday, the barn studio will get finished. Then I will have the fiber and the mixed media things all in one place. To dream..............
Well, at least not they are next door to each other. Which really is quite nice.
When it's all set up I'll post pictures. I plan to keep this new room organized. It's frustrating to want to work on something and you can't find your supplies or even have a square foot of surface area to work on.
Ok, that's three posts for you guys. Thanks for being understanding about the family being here and not being able to post on a regular basis. I appreciate you stopping by and checking to see what's new.
You are going to have to trust me on this when I tell you that if you MAKE TIME in your day to do something creative you are going to find that it energizes you to do even more. So, go play, go be creative! :)Bea


  1. that all sounds perfect to me!

  2. Ah, yes it does but we all know how LIFE likes to throw curve balls at us, right? lolololsnort

  3. Hi Bea,
    Just read your 'buried treasure' post and made a note of the book.
    Then! I saw this newsy post - AND the photographs. You have a such a pleasant way of describing your day and I love the photographs - so funny about the horse.... he/she will now be quite self-conscious about trying such undignified acts again!

    Your studio - what a lovely treat it will be. My advice would be buy 10 times as many storage drawers than what you think you'll need. That way, they'll actually match! If that's not important to you, then do like me, and buy oh one or 2 at a time and have them just different enough so they won't stack well. LOL J/K

    I look forward to seeing your sherbet reveal!

  4. Thanks for the heads up, 2. I saw some nice solid gray shop drawers at the Home Depot. The drawers are really deep and the top if flat. Actually, they had two of these of top of each other so I'm thinking I might a few and spray paint them royal blue. :)Bea

  5. Firstly, I love the 2 photos you posted and how good of John to drive you around like that. Bless him. I had to laugh about the wriggly horse, they do that, animals! How wonderful to move into the orange room with the new smart tiles. I can't wait to move into mine. Have fun with it.

  6. I want to see some pictures of your new studio space when you get it in and get it set up. PRETTY PLEASE :)Bea