Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buttercruch, Lilies and more.

A beautiful but humid day after a night of rain. Murphy and I started out this morning to run some errands but before we got to the end of the driveway he threw up in my car. We turned around, got the car cleaned up and I informed him that he would have to stay home.
I took the long way into town and got some nice pictures that I found I could put in a grid form in my photo shop program and there it is as the new header for this week. Who knew? lol I'm certainly learning something new every day.
I also qualified for the Wednesday Senior Discount at my local food market.
The information was right in front of me at the check out but I've never bothered to read it until today. I turned 60 last October so quickly now, how many Wednesday Senior Discounts at 5% off, did I miss?
I'm going to let you figure that one out.
I'm about to go out and pick some new string beans. They are slender and young and if I manage not to eat them all before I get them back up to the kitchen they will go on our salad, tonight.
This year I planted Buttercrunch lettuce and a Salad Green Mix and boy have they been delicious. I'm not a fan of the fancy bitter greens so I was pleased not to find them in this mix.
I also treated myself to a little salad spinner that I found in Target. I had given my larger one to my daughter. This little one is just perfect for the two of us and it's amazing how much water it actually spins out of the greens after I've rinsed them. Before I was putting the rinsed leaves on tea towels and blotting them and rolling them and well, just way to much fussing. Now I pop them in this little spinner and pump the knob up and down. Reminds me of some toy I had as a child.
My Lilies are having a hey day this year. Every where I look in gardens the Lilies are just beautiful. Must be plenty for the deer to eat because they aren't eating the ones around here.
Remember tomorrow is find your favorite blog posting and post it again.
If you have more than one, that's fine, post them all. Remember some people starting reading your blog at different times and many haven't taken the time to go back and read all that you have written. This is a nice way to share YOUR favorite postings with those that are interested.
Have a wonderful day, do something creative, it's good for your soul. :)Bea

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  1. Another lovely post Bea. I can imagine your beautiful lilies. We have a few that Jim planted and they are just forming quite fat buds. I'm excited to see what they are. Poor dog, hope he's ok.

    I didn't do the 'treasure' thing as I didn't spot it on Seth's blog until too late. Ah well, next time maybe. I just loved yours. That lettuce spinner sounds just the ticket. I'm still putting it in a tea towel and whizzing it round in the garden!!