Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blue, yellow lavender and white.

July brings the Compass Plant to the prairie. It's related to the Sunflower and so far the ones in the prairie are up to 5' to 6' tall. The Finches love the seeds and will often take them out of the plant's center before they are even ripe.
It's a Southern Wisconsin prairie plant. Usually found in the lower third of the state. It's majestic and gorgeous against the blue sky. I didn't have to squat down to look up and take this picture, this gorgeous plant towered over me at least six feet tall.
There is so much color right now in the prairie, the Chicory has opened at the edges, in beautiful periwinkle blue. The Queen Anne's Lace in white, the Thistle and Bee Balm, in purple, sunflowers in yellow and the most gorgeous, orange Butterfly-weed.
The second hatching of Barn Swallows arrived this morning doing aerial stunts over the prairie. I counted 10 of them.
When I cut the grass on the lawn tractor they swoop around me catching bugs I guess. I rather like to think we are doing a ballet together.
I had to clear the Studio flower bed of weeds this afternoon so I just took the hose and soaked the ground to pull them out. I always think I'm going to be able to stay on top of the weed situation and I don't. You should have seen some of the roots on these things!
Now, that Riley is here, Mary is healing, Justin and family have returned to Minnesota and there doesn't seem to be any pressing parties on my calendar I plan to get back to my gardens and artwork.

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  1. Oh Bea, I love your new banner! It's so purple and pretty. Love the flower power going on in Wisconsin! Great pics.