Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You LET them put that on you?

The groomer found a skin tag on Murphy's back paw. He wouldn't leave it alone after his grooming so this morning I stopped in at the Vet's to see if it was something I should have removed. They had room for him today so he had it burned off.
Louie is quite disgusted with the "party hat". He can't believe that Murphy actually fell for that line.
The vet's office wants him to wear it for five days. Louie, Murphy and I have discussed this and have all agreed that is four days too much. In Louie's words, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.


  1. I hear ya, Louie Louie. LOL! Love that picture and caption. Too cute! Sorry, Murphy. Can't help you with this buddy.

  2. Murphy lost the party hat last night. Louie said he couldn't sleep in the same bed with something that silly. :)Bea