Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yesterday, I had to stop by the store that sells glasses and frames to have my frames straightened.
Over the weekend I was getting out of my car, in the driveway, watching a pair of very large Turkey Vultures circling my back lawn. Intrigued by how low they were to the pond and ground I started out to the back yard to see what they were looking at. I neglected to see the LARGE FULL gas can sitting in the driveway and tumbled ass over head onto the cement.
Lucky for me I have high cheekbones, that's what hit the cement first and then my glass frames. An icepack of frozen peas took care of the cheekbone problem but I still needed my glass frames straightened out.

The store was full of old folks and young mothers with children. I signed in and took a seat next to this mother and daughter.
The daughter was probably five years old, blond hair, blue cardigan sweater fastened by just the top button, white petal-pushers, white socks with lace cuffs and Dorothy's shinny, red, sequined, well scuffed and loved shoes, oh and thick coke-bottle lens glasses.
The mother, in her thirties was one of the modern mothers that I have run into that talk loudly to their children and make sure that everyone around them hears them speaking in a PC manner.
The little girl was twirling her seat around, hitting the common exam desk, then twirling it around in the opposite direction and hitting the desk again.
I sat back in my seat and avoided putting my arms on the desk and getting the BAM as the chair hit the desk.
The modern mother asked her daughter MANY times what she could do to solve the problem of bumping the desk. The little girl answered sweetly, "I'll be careful."
She then proceeded to slam the chair into the desk again.
I worked on my Zen meditation for the day.
After the repeating of the question, at least six times the little girl said, "I'll stop."
Modern mother said, "Oh, that's good problem solving."

I have to tell you I'm not a modern mom or grandmother. First bump and I would have pulled the chair far enough away from the desk so there would be no bump. I leave problem solving for children when it doesn't effect in any way another person.
The mother took out a pen and pad of paper and suggested that her daughter draw some more bunnies and kitties.
Legs crossed at the ankles, shinny red Dorothy shoes swinging back and forth the little girl hummed as she drew a large figure with two large things on its head.
"Oh, what a nice bunny rabbit you have drawn," the mother said in her loud, proud voice.
"It's not a bunny," mummered the little girl.
"Sure it is, look at those wonderful big ears you drew."
"It's not a bunny, those are horns. It's a bad man with horns."
Modern mother was now silent. She hadn't seen this coming and now that she had made sure that all of us were engaged in listening to her conversation, with her daughter, she had a problem.
"Why are you drawing a bad man with horns, Abby?"
"He's a bad man who just got shot in the stomach and these are his guts coming out." And, she proceeded to draw squiggles of rope like things down to the bottom of the page.
Poor modern mother now wished we would all disappear. She attempted to distract little Abby to draw bunnies and kitties and bumblebees but Abby would have none of it.
Modern mother finally sighed and told her daughter, "I don't know why you want to draw something like that...................."


  1. OK, I've finally composed myself long enough to write this before I start busting up again....the large figure really represented mom. LOL!!!!

  2. I find people facinating. I can watch crowds all day but don't ask me to move through them. I like to keep their energy at a distance. Parenting today is different from what it was for myself and my friends, 30 some years ago.

  3. Oh what a wonderful story. I bet everyone was giggling inside! I think I'd have laughed out loud! What a rebel that little girl's going to be. Silly modern mum!