Monday, June 15, 2009

What I am working on in the studio.

I don't think I posted this last picture from my Layer Love on line class I am taking. This was Lesson seven, I think. I added images and a decorative napkin to the piece. I decided not to take this to the full grunge effect. I liked it where it was. It will make an interesting journal page.
I started my Petite Doll on line class with SusieBlu. It's really interesting to meet so many people interested in the same thing and from all over the world. I'm thoroughly enjoying meeting all of them. Quite a friendly group of people. I did my first page of sketches. I'm a total newbie at drawing faces.
I love the look of these little doll like girls. I think after I practice enough I will find a particular face, that I draw that I will really enjoy.


  1. I love the orange shades! And yes, I know what you mean about drawing faces. It'll get better.
    Great sketches.

  2. I love this!! Would you share where you took the online class. this looks wonderful!!

  3. Oh this looks great fun. Love it.