Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the world, Riley!

Seven pounds 15 ounces
20" long
Dark black hair
Dark blue eyes
She took all day to think about arriving.
Finally, the doctor decided to do a C-section and at 5:00 or so she came into our world. She cried a bit but looked around and decided to nap on the thought.
Mary is doing fine.
Nate is doing fine.
Grammybea is doing excellent!


  1. OMG BEA! She's beautiful! Congratulations. I'm happy to hear that Momma and Papa are doing well. Baby looks great. She's got the biggest eyes! I can tell she is not going to miss much. LOL!! And I'm very happy to hear that Grandma is doing EXCELLENT!

  2. Oh how beautiful she is and what an excellent name. I'm sure Grammybea is over the moon (don't stay there too long, we miss you)!!

  3. Congratulations and love to you & your family!
    Riley is beautiful and looks so wise.
    What a wonderful miracle each new baby is!
    Happy days,