Friday, June 05, 2009

Some days are like that.

This is a felted piece from a book called, Embellish, Stitch, Felt. I love the colors and was going to use it for inspiration for my Layer Love painting class.
I was also going to plant some things in my garden, do some weeding and just enjoy the gorgeous day outside.
My tooth had other plans. Lucky for me I saw the dentist yesterday for a scheduled routine. She put me on antibiotics and explained all about extensive dental work for that tooth. I brushed off the discussion, I had this pain before, it would go away, it was just my sinus acting up.
I can hardly keep my eyes open to type. I'm on some pain medication to control this pulsing pain thanks to a phone call to my dentist and for two hours it works, before it, the pain, creeps into my awareness again. For those two hours I can gratefully close my eyes and sleep or I can try to stay awake and do things like blogging, washing dishes and folding laundry.
I am not good with pain. I find it annoying and frustrating. My heart goes out to those that have to deal with it on a regular basis. I know a person that often uses up her allotment of pain medication long before she can refill the container. I understand, she just wants the pain to stop.
What I find amusing is that my pets seem to understand that something is wrong. I'm sure the biggest indicator is my crawling into bed in the middle of the afternoon. I could barely keep my eyes open when two cats and a puppy joined me for a nap. Everybody getting as close as possible to the two-legged.
The sound of purring is a relaxing sound and the soft fur of a puppy in comforting to touch as you fall asleep.
A friend said she thought something was wrong when I didn't sound as perky as my usual self. Yep, perky goes right out the window with discomfort. But, I'll be back to my norm in a few days. The doctor and I will take care of this pesky tooth and them I will be charging full steam ahead to make up for lost time. :)Bea


  1. Bea, hope your sinus' clear up. Mine are pretty messed up right now, that's why I'm up so late/early. I love the purry sounds of my furry kids. Very soothing.
    Be well soon.

  2. HATE that tooth, sinus thing. AWFUL. Good luck with getting it fixed.

  3. Thanks Linda and Mim. The medicine seems to be working and the pulsing pain is gone. Sometime next week I'll be getting this tooth pulled. Good thoughts are always appreciated. :)Bea