Thursday, June 04, 2009

Scene from around Verona

I love seeing the new growth in the fields against the rich black earth. This little farm down in the valley is just so peaceful looking.
As soon as we drove past these Poppies John looked at me and said, "You want to take a picture, right?" lol He backed up the car and proceeded to give me advise. "Make sure you get the purple in their too. Maybe you should come back in the early morning, the light will be better."

We were losing light quickly but he again backed the car up when we passed this stream, on the same country road.
We had a quiet supper at home. I had made a French white bean soup with chicken. After supper and some chores we decided to take Murphy and go get some ice cream.
Murphy looked his absolute cutest sitting with me outside the ice cream store but no families or children were interested in meeting him. He bears no grudges, maybe next time.
Forty years..............some things are changing. This morning I could not for the life of me remember if I had switched Murphy's daycare from tomorrow to today because of my dentist appointment. Had to call to find out that at one point last week I was actually on top of my life.
Listened to John call out to me from inside the house, "Oh, sweetness, you HAVE TO TURN OFF THE HEAT before you open the windows."
Well, it would have happened after I made it back upstairs from finding Murphy's collar which I took off somewhere downstairs.
I seem to be losing an order to things.
Thankfully, John's hearing isn't the best so he didn't hear my reply to his Oh, Sweetness......... It wasn't that.


  1. I think my favorites are the first and third pictures!

  2. Right now with everything so green and lush so many regular places take on magical quality, don't they? :)Ma

  3. Everything does look magical