Monday, June 08, 2009

Rain, rain and the dentist.

It poured last night. Lots of thunder and heavy rain and today it's dark and likely to rain more. This is fine with me because I have some heavy duty weeds to pull out of my gardens and if the soil is wet it's going to be easier.
I have Thistle that is almost 4 feet high. One day I was seeing it next to the ground and thinking to myself, self, pull that out soon and then presto it shot up. Now, it's prickly and harder to get a good pulling grip. Oh's the life of the gardener.
Isn't this Hosta leaf beautiful? I have a friend whose husbands hates Hosta plants. He doesn't like the flower spike. So, he dug out all they had along the shady side of their garage. He planned to put tomatoes in that site.
My gardener readers are shaking their heads..........shade........tomatoes?
I would love to say that they dug up their Hostas and shared them with another gardener. I don't know, I hope so.
I love mine. They get some morning sun, no morning sun and full morning sun depending on which garden area they are in. Each year they get bigger and more beautiful. Every year I look at a leaf like this and want to paint it or do something with it in fiber. Maybe this winter I will. This camera has allowed me to get some fantastic pictures.
Murphy and I checked out the pond and the tadpoles are getting bigger. Not clumping so much in the water. I took a picture but you know if you have seen one tadpole picture, at this stage you have probably seen more than enough, right?
I am having my tooth pulled this afternoon. I know my dentist will do a wonderful job. I know it won't hurt because she gets the numbing shots exactly where they are supposed to go. She's really good. I just can't stand the sound of those drills in my head. I don't think earphones would do any good because it's inside your head, you know. I will think about my drawing classes, my background layer classes, list my unfinished projects in my head and if all else fails, go to my happy place.
My tongue is delighted with the prospect of a hole in my mouth for 12 weeks. I'm sure for at least a week it will drive me crazy touching the space.
Did you ever notice that your tongue seems to have a mind of it's own when you are at the dentist? It's like it has it's own little brain. Willful it is. I mentally say stay away from that drill or cotton ball or whatever and it does exactly what it wants.
Louie is draped across my arms as I try to type. He feels that this whole computer thing is "stupid". I should be scratching him, brushing him, feeding him, the last being the most important. He can be very demanding.

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