Saturday, June 20, 2009

Petite Doll online class

I found some neat images for the Petite Doll class I am taking with SuziBlu.
I put some of the images in an album for anybody else taking the class that might want to see them. I realize that I tend to like the extreme looking models. The ones that don't even look real. I guess it's that Zetti feel to them. I'm still working on drawing my faces. This is all new to me. My daughter told me that each page looks a little better than the one before.
I'm still working on getting my on Petite Doll "look".
Lots of rain here the past two days and now I have to spend time outside pulling weeds. They certainly come out easily enough. Hope you have a creative day. :)Bea


  1. Bea, I LOVE this face! I know what you mean about being attracted to certain faces. I'm drawn to the same kind of interesting faces.

  2. I just love her hair. I think I might have had a chance of wearing hair like that when I was 7. lol :)Bea