Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nice to meet you too.

I see you are taking my picture. You aren't the first you know. I've grown quite used to it. I don't know why people find it funny, at first, to see me sitting here in the Veterinarian's waiting room. It's my job.
I've had a lot of different jobs, in my rather long life. This one is really the most interesting because I meet so many different people and animals.
I have a name, it's quite long and difficult for two legged's to pronounce to I just go by what the staff calls me.
My job, you ask? Whatever they need me for. I offer comfort and something to hug when somebody big or little is in need of it. I am suitably plump so I am perfect for hugging.
At night I do a little song and dance routine for the cats and kittens, in their lobby cages. They are waiting for someone to walk through the door and adopt them. For some it's a long wait so I try to change my routine for them.
I am well loved.
I have a good gig.
I get squeezed, hugged, kissed, sometimes bitten but never life threatening.
I have been cried on, whispered to, sat on and force fed a sticky lolly pop.
I wouldn't trade my job for anything.
They call me, Bunrab.


  1. We all need a Bunrab.
    Thanks, bea, for your worrying ^ for your questions. I'll be back!

  2. Oh what a lovely post, you are a star you know. How do you think of them? I love Bunrab and he does such a worthwhile job.