Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new week & new day.

My header this week is the morning sky on the day that Riley was born. Absolutely the most gorgeous sunrise I've seen in ages. Her father told me that after the storm passed over the hospital, last night he was outside and saw a rainbow that arced over the hospital. That would have been a beautiful picture, too.
Mother and child are doing well. Mary is uncomfortable but no more than she expected after a C-section. She's taken right to motherhood.
I got to hold Riley for over an hour. She never opened her eyes for me and seemed contented to just sleep. She does have a nice head of black hair.
I've got Murphy home now from his extended and unexpected stay at Puppy Day Care. He is quite exhausted from playing so hard with all his friends. He's actually conked out at my feet under the computer table.
Louie is glad to have him home. Last night he would walk by me, sneer as only a cat can sneer at someone and meow his complaints about the situation.
Our heat wave has finally moved on towards the East coast. Sorry folks but I've had enough of it for now. It will be nice to be back out in the garden with reasonable June temperatures.
Tonight is Madison's big fireworks display, Rhythm & Boom. Masses of people are camped out right now at the park, hours before it gets dark, claiming their square foot of grass space.
I hope you have a wonderful creative week! :)Bea


  1. Congrats on the new grand baby and your sunrise picture is spectacular!

  2. Awww, thank you. And, thanks for stopping by. I so enjoyed visiting your blog. I'll be back, too. :)Bea

  3. Oh my, that sunrise is the best I've seen, that's for sure. What a pity you missed the rainbow shot! Glad Mary isn't too uncomfortable and that Murphy is home.