Monday, June 01, 2009


I think I mentioned that I am taking an online acrylic painting class. I'm learning how to apply opaque colors, transparent colors, mixing with glaze and using polymer gloss. All things that I have used in the past but not in this way. A recent lesson had 19 layers!! I love that look.
Anyway, for this current lesson we are to look for color combinations and you know I'm going to turn to nature for that. I have a wonderful coffee table book called Within The Stone, which I actually saw at someones house and then ordered it used from Amazon. It came in mint condition for half the price. I love!!!
I put together some photographs for the other people in the class for inspiration if they were having a brain freeze. If you would like to see these beautiful pictures of cut stones go to:


  1. Some of those colours and patterns are just stunning. Very inspiring. I just never appreciated how many shades of green there were in nature until I moved to Ireland.

  2. I never knew some of the rocks were so gorgeous when cut in half.
    I find myself never growing tired of looking at nature.
    Some day I hope to get to Ireland.
    The pictures that you and Gina have posted are breath taking.

  3. Oh Bea, this is lovely ~ so dreamy looking!!!

  4. Oh Karen you have to go to the Picasa link I have at the end of the post, that's MY stuff. lolol
    The picture on the blog is actually the inside of a cut stone. It is gorgeous, isn't it?
    I would like to try to paint that one day. :)Bea

  5. It looks a little like seaglass to me?

  6. The more I look at it the more I want to paint it. What a challenge that would be. heh?
    I've been hanging around some Internet Aussies in a class. I've learned lots of new phrases. lol