Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot, hot, waaaaaaaay to hot.

If I wanted to live in a HOT climate I would. Above 90 degrees in June is just a little to hot for me. I did some work in the garden and flopped in the pool. Did some more work in the garden and flopped in the pool again.
The pool temperature was 89 degrees but it still felt good.
It looks like we might be getting some thunderstorms tonight which is FINE WITH ME.
Mary came over tonight for supper, she ate her chili, loved it, raved about it and then promptly went and threw it up. She said apparently, Riley doesn't like my chili. She looked so sad. She said she was hungry again. Poor girl.
Tomorrow she goes to the doctor and he did say that he would induce the baby if she hadn't arrived by then. Mary's a week overdue which isn't all that much but I can tell she is so uncomfortable right now. Add this heat wave to the picture and all I can say is I'm glad it's not me.
I'm trying to get the last of my purchased plants into their containers or the ground. I had to soak the front garden just to be able to plant them this evening after the sun went down. If it rains tonight they'll be fine. If not I'll have to water them well again.
I'm tired. Murphy saw the vet this morning and we all decided to keep his paw wrapped up. I stopped at the Five and Dime store and bought a package of children's sports socks. He has to keep the bandage dry so I'll put two socks on him when he's out running around outside.
Did I say I was tired? phew.........
Oh, and I talked to a friend of John's from high school. He's is retired from being a Dean at Boston College and now is just a professor there. He told me that he too suffered from TGA this year. He was riding his bike at the Cape, with friends, when he happened. They rushed him to the hospital, too.
Very strange.
Ok, I'm off to watch the telly and do some cat brushing. I'll probably fall asleep but that's ok. Thanks for stopping by. :)Bea


  1. Hello Bea, I'm sorry it's been so dreadfully hot. I wilt at 30degrees. I hate it really hot, though a pool would help. I have a hose pipe, that will have to do!!

    Poor Mary, it's awful being pregnant in that weather. I was with my first until the end of August and my feet swelled up like balloons. Tooo hot. do keep us up to date. How awful that she threw up after your lovely chilli. A bit much in the heat and pregnant perhaps.

    TGA?? I had to laugh at your dog running around in his socks!! Good idea though.

  2. I've just read backwards (I always do) and have read about John's episode and the TGA. I hope it's an isolated incident and wish you both love and luck.

  3. Bea, please can I have your address NOW, I want to pay it forward to you!