Monday, June 22, 2009

Homework Assignment for my drawing class.

I'm still practicing my face drawings for my SuziBlu Petite Doll class. Who knew there were formula's for drawing heads and eyes? They are supposed to be "dolls" folkart type of drawings, not realistic in any sense. So, this is the latest one that I actually felt comfortable submitting for my "homework" assignment. To be looked at by some 195 students from all over the world. sigh.........So far they seem to be a very nice group of artists.
I have to say I'm learning stuff I never knew before about how to draw eyes and a mouth, etc. It's not a portrait class that's the next class. We'll see how I do in this one.
I think she's pretty, pretty. :)Bea


  1. ooh Bea, I think she's kinda pretty too! I love her face. The only formula I know of is the kind they feed babies. LOL! Speaking of which, any news?!!!

  2. I think her face is beautiful, Bea. I'm sure it's the effect you are meant to be after. It looks so doll like, big eyes, rosebud mouth. Lovely. Well done.