Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Midsummer's Day!

Did Hallmark decide that Father's Day should fall on the Summer Solstice?
Did card giving and gift giving usurp the ancient celebration, of the end of winter and the beginning of the summer season?
I suppose I could Google it and find out.
I can handle both celebrations although I have always found it strange that we needed a day to tell our mother's and father's how we felt about them.
To me it just seemed like another Hallmark holiday to put pressure on people to buy something, give something and hopefully meet expectations.
Today, marks the beginning of my Twenty Summers. Day one. It's warm, muggy, looks like it's going to rain but it was a great morning to take my camera and Murphy and see what was going on in the garden. I'm having so much fun with this camera. John played tennis this morning and then came home to continue working on the little kitchen area downstairs. I'll post a picture when he has the doors on the cupboards.
I am very fortunate to have such a handy, talented man around the house.
This little kitchen area is just wonderful. He's done everything, built the cabinets, tiled the walls and counter tops.
Our adult children have checked in with their Papa. Brownies are baking in the oven so the house smells wonderful.
Since today is the traditional day to harvest herbs for drying and storage I did cut some sage, parsley, oregano and some lavender. What had stems I bundled and I'll hang them to dry.
I posted an album of some of the photographs I took this morning. Enjoy.
Have a creative day. :)Bea


  1. You new camera takes amazing pictures! The purple could not be any more vibrant.

    Your comment about working with herbs in the garden reminded me of when you used to send me or James out to the garden to cut you some herbs while you were cooking dinner (at 610 Hudson).

  2. You've got a good memory. I remember one year I entered the Garden Walk for our neighborhood. I did container gardening on the back deck. We had every vegetable from corn to eggplants growing in containers. I even bought a plastic wading pool, spray painted it solid blue and made it into a pond with live goldfish. I think the local cats ate the goldfish. :)Bea

  3. Oh what delicious photos Bea. I love that morning glory. I'd never see it though!! lol. And those roses. Wow, fantastic. Well done you.

  4. I don't remember that one, but I am guessing you did this in the little garden area between the house and the garage? I think there was also a little bridge in there, and a sitting area?

  5. Actually I had containers over the entire deck area. I had them on rollers so they could be moved to follow the sun. It was more to prove a point that container gardening could be done by anybody and you could grow amazing things in them if you just tried. Of course, the corn looked a little silly in the big pots. lol