Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden

Nine years old today. I hope she is having a wonderful day. She's my oldest grandchild. I had hardly remember what I was doing nine years ago but I remember her being born. It's simply amazing to me how fast time goes by.
John is on his way to Boston to supervise and help James in the remodeling of his new house.
There's another big milestone. A first home.
Mary's in the hospital as of right now having the baby induced.
Another milestone.
Exciting things happening.


  1. Happy Birthday and congratulations to you and your family. How exciting, Mary's in the hospital! OOO, does this mean you may have 2 grandchildren born on the same day?!!! WOW! I know, I'm getting carried away. LOL!
    Love your new banner btw. Those roses are gloriously beautiful!

  2. OH wonderful, baby, baby. Keep us informed!

    Happy birthday Hadyen, what a lovely name. I hope she's had a great day.