Monday, May 18, 2009

You asked for pictures.

I'm being watched while I do some yard work.
While the guys worked on the stone project I edged the flower bed border and planted my Impatients. I know, I know, it's still two weeks early but...................It was such a beautiful day.

The guys found this stone in the field. Pushed here by the Glacier, isn't it the funniest shape you've ever seen? The square bottom almost makes it look like it was part of some ancient stone carving.

Ok, here's the finished project. NOT exciting, I agree but to clear out all the weeds and volunteer trees and whatever else was growing and living under there, was a big job. THANK YOU JUSTIN. John and Justin cover the cleared area with fabric cloth and then dumped all these stone on top. They still look rather white because of the stone dust on them. A good rain and they will have all sorts of different colors from red to gray.
They found big enough boulders at the edge of the field to haul back and use as an edging.
You can see Mr. Turtle up there waiting for his sand. Sawyer and Hunter helped me bring it back from behind the barn. I'm not really sure how much use he'll get. Sawyer was POSITIVE that he needed the sandbox for his trucks. We'll see. But, it's a nice place for it.
I was going to do some fertilizing in the yard but in just one hour an huge black cloud has drifted in from the West and it feels damp. I bet we are going to get some rain.
Oh, the other thing that really was a BIG HELP, again thank you so much Justin was the cleaning of the back gutters. Between John and Justin taking apart the elbow bends in the gutters they got out a mess of junk that had built up, in there. Now the water will flow out like it's supposed to and now spray out all over the place.
I have the baby shower here next weekend. I really need to get my house cleaned up and in some order. So, I hope it does rain and I can get some inside work done. AND THEN GET TO THE STUDIO!
There has been so much going on I haven't really had time and I'm feeling a little frustrated. Need to create............need to create.............. :)Bea


  1. Bringing awkward areas of the garden under control is one of our constant challenges. That looks like an excellent solution.

  2. Thanks! If anybody knows about taming the wild, you guys sure do.

  3. Bea, what a sweetie pie your little white pup is. And that rock! At a quick glance I thought it was a dog laying down until I saw the flat head. LOL!
    Great pics!

  4. That is one weird rock!! Your garden is so much neater than ours!! We have a long way to go. I like the turtle, he's cute. A baby shower? I still haven't got used to that idea!