Monday, May 25, 2009

What is my current passion?

I've been tagged by a fellow blogger.
I answered the first question and then just deleted it all.
The first question is What are your current obsessions?
When I meet new people for the first time, at some kind of gathering, instead of asking them what they do for a living I ask them what do they do for fun, what's their passion? I'm not really interested in how they make money. What I want to know is how to they occupy their time when they have free time. The most interesting people, I've found, so far to answer this question are women over the age of 55. I've listened to women of a certain age tell me, as their eyes light up how they have just discovered scuba diving, or rock climbing or biking long distances. I've watched other get that dreamy look in their eyes as they tell me about a quilt they are working on or a painting class they are taking.
So, Linda, if you were standing in front of me asking me what's my passion these days I would tell you gardening because the weather is finally warm enough to plant all those gorgeous colorful flowers. I would tell you that finally being able to experiment with dyeing fabric, sun dyeing, printing fabric outside is exciting. My eyes would light up as I told you how much I love to just LISTEN to the sounds of the birds, my grandchildren and their friends playing in the pool, the smell of something wonderful being cooked on the grill, outside. I would smile and tell you that watching my daughter's belly get bigger and bigger and knowing that there was another little soul just waiting to come into this world was what was on my mind.
And, if it's on my mind, even for a minute I'm passionate about it because I've been working very hard, up to this point, in my life, to try to BE IN THE MOMENT.
It's so very hard. Life has a way of throwing distractions at us on a minute by minute basis. When I am passionate about something it means that for a block of time I LOST tract of time. I was so involved in whatever it was that I was doing that I was almost in a state of joy. Not bliss, although sometimes close to that. lol
Oh, did you think you would just get short answers, FROM ME? lololol
Yeah, like that's going to happen. I didn't get time outs in third grade for talking to much for nothing you know.
So, I guess if you want to see the answers to the rest of the questions, you just have to keep popping in to read my blog. I'll get to them, honest. Like a friend of mine says, would this face lie?

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  1. Well, your answers are wonderful and so interesting, Bea, I've enjoyed every word and feel bad that I've 'short changed' everyone when I did this meme!! I know what you mean about living in the moment, in the 'now'. It is quite difficult and I while away a day and wonder where it went and what I've done. Blogging does that. You think 'what have I done today' and sometimes it's hard to come up with the answers. I am trying to do my ATCs and experiment a bit too.