Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a glorious day.

It's 84 degrees. The sky is absolutely solid baby blue with not a cloud in sight. I was out in the sun longer than I planned to be. I tend to forget time when I am planting flowers and working in the yard. I can feel a bit of a sunburn on my face. I did use some sunscreen way back in the morning.
I haven't got the slightest idea if it's worked all day or not. I know I should pay more attention to that, in these days of skin cancer.
I planted Banana trees in the big pots out by the pool. They give it a tropical look for a short time.
I plan to move my palms out on Saturday morning.
I need help to lift them into the tractor wagon and take them down to the lower deck.
They have been in the sun room all winter and look really good. Lots of new growth.
I'm still hesitant to put out my house ferns. Once we get to the end of May I'll feel safer about putting them outside.
I'm tired and need a clean up. Dinner out on the deck tonight. I've got some great homemade chili that I made on Sunday. A nice cold beer and my sweetie and life is good, you know.
I hope you had a creative day. I hope you did something that brought you joy and you lost track of time while you were doing it. :)Bea


  1. What an utterly idyllic day, Bea. I can just imagine those banana plants around the pool and the ferns. Wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your meal outside. It's always too full of bitey things to eat outside in the evenings here.

  2. I love banana trees. The leaves are so tropical looking and the bananas are so tempting. I always want to pull one off and peel it back but because it's my neighbor's plant I have to be good. LOL! Besides, they're decorative, not edible. Shame. They look delicious. LOL!