Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you wear most often?

Anything with an elastic waistband. Ah ha, you are thinking that's because she's fat. Well, WRONG. I am a Traditionally Built Woman. I like elastic waistbands because they are easy to pull up and on. They allow me to eat and relax without undoing a belt or popping a button. They don't require me to find a belt to wear. They don't require me to remember to zip up my pants.
I like flip flops because they are easy to put on.
I like big shirts because they don't bind or ride up or show bumps and lumps that aren't attractive.
I like men's shirts because they are comfortable and they make the arms long enough for me.
I like bangle bracelets, LOTS of them and in silver. I like silver.
I like cuff type bracelets in sliver. I like to wear all of them together.
I don't wear rings of any kind. Don't like diamonds. Never did like wearing a wedding band. When I was first married I took it off so much to wash my hands that I ended up forgetting where I put it. Then John's got stolen in the hospital when he had to go in after mangling his finger, over in the shop, with some machine. Well, if he wasn't going to wear one then it left me off the hook.
I try to wear earrings. I've had my ears pierced and re pierced many times with the intent to wear them. It never lasts long.
I'm basically lazy when it comes to how I look. I forget to put in the earrings.
I like pastel colors and black. I like bright colors and black. I love turquoise the stone and the color. When I wear pink people say I look happy and healthy. When I wear black they pat me on the shoulder and ask if I'm tired.
In winter I wear German made clogs that gay men stop me on the street to tell me they like my shoes. In summer I wear Crocs when I'm not in my flip flops.
When I was growing up my mother told me that women who wore flip flops were hussies and lazy. When she saw my pink Crocs she told me I looked like Minnie Mouse.
My mother puts on makeup every single day and she's 83. She wears bright blue eyeshadow, a lot of it. She has round pink circles on her cheeks and bright red lipstick. She sprays on perfume like it's her last day on earth and wears bright colored mumu's to lunch. She sits at a table of elderly men who when she finally returned from her six weeks away at the hospital and rehab, for her broken ankle, asked her if she had had a nice long nap.
You won't see when I'm walking on the street. I'm invisible.
I look like a lot of women out here in the Midwest. In fact, often someone will tell me I am the spitting image of so and so or cousin Emma.
I smile.
Because, I know all about string theory.
I KNOW that there are more of me out there.
Why I bet Bea D is having chocolate right this minute.
And, Bea A is sewing up a storm.
You go girls.
:)Bea B


  1. Oh I just love that post Bea. I think it's me! I can't really be bothered with earrings although I do like them. I wear elasticated pants because they're comfortable and easy to wear! I wear wellington boots most of the time but in drier climate, lived in flip flops!! Ha ha. We are clones... I do wear my wedding ring though.

    Love the photo of the lilac.

  2. As I have said many times, you are a wonderful writer. Your writing voice is the same as your speaking voice. That's the art of writing. All word pictures look the same if it's only about crafting. The lucky people are like you--those who have command of the language and have no pretense or embarrassment about being themselves in the execution.

    Of course, though I'm not a compulsive slave to anything--I will probably paint myself as I inch out of this life--slapping on bolder and thicker paint as my eyesight goes. I'll probably be a walking, talking Vlaminck before it's all said and done.

    I'll return to your description of what you wear again--because it's soooo you.

  3. Thanks guys! lolol You both made me laugh. :)Bea

  4. Love your answer, Bea. And I really like how you decided to answer each question one at a time. You are my hero! I bet your cape is a quilt of some kind. Am I right? LOL!