Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waiting for the bus.

When I drive around on the country roads near my house I often see these adorable little "houses" or "huts" near the end of a long driveway. They are the waiting for the school bus hut. Some thoughtful, talented farmer didn't want his children waiting in the Wisconsin bitter cold or snow for the school bus, so he built them a little protective house.
Maybe he remembered waiting for the bus in the cold or even the bone chilling walk to the school.
The top picture is of a little one room school house that is not that far from my house. I wonder why they needed two doors on the front.
I moved around a lot, as a child. Mostly in the same city but different school and different apartments. I remember being able to walk to school, by myself, for Kindergarten. The walk took me past a house that had a little lawn full of violets. I never thought about it I just picked a handful of them to take to my teacher. They weren't in a garden as such just scattered over the lawn. I remember my teacher making an announcement that there had been a complaint from a lady, about children picking her flowers.
I remember my face getting red and feeling very embarrassed because a little paper cup of purple violets sat on the teacher's desk. No other flowers just those purple violets.
I walked to and from school on the other side of the street after that day, very chagrined.

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  1. I think those 'waiting for the school bus' huts are a wonderful idea! I'd like one just to play in!