Sunday, May 10, 2009


I realized that last Mother's Day I was still having a little difficulty walking around because of my knees. As I grabbed my camera this morning and took off for a little walk about the yard I said a couple of prayers of thanks.
Thanks to the doctor that did such a wonderful job of my two knee replacements that now I walk around forgetting that I ever could barely walk. Forgetting, having to use a walker or wheelchair to get around.
I am thankful that we have such a beautiful property to live on.
I don't know if it's the Twenty Summers Philosophy or what but I find myself looking around my surroundings like a child, these days. Can't get enough of the color and changes of the season.
I gleefully point out birds, on my feeder to anybody who is around and if I am alone, to Murphy.
So, here are some pictures from my walk this morning. Enjoy!
The reflection of the studio/barn in the pond.
My little Willow tree finally turned green. It's a wonderful place to sit and think about things. That cement goose is the same one that about a year ago I posted a picture of a baby deer lying next to it. I guess he thought they could be friends.

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