Monday, May 25, 2009

Update of wildlife at Dog In The Hole

I think the Phoebe has finally finished laying her eggs. I managed to get the camera up against the bottom of the upper deck to shove it in close to the nest.
The Robin's nest on the door lamp on the front deck has pretty big chicks.
When I go out the door I can see their beaks up against the edge of the nest, waiting for a parent to come back with a meal.

On both sides of the front of our house are open decks with the roof protecting them. I just discovered a Purple Finch has made a nest in a hanging basket on the same side as the Robin's nest. She moved fast.
I only hang fake hanging baskets until nesting season is over. It's difficult to water a fern or flowering plant when the water might float the nest.
I can live with fake until all the families are grown up and off flying somewhere.

Well, sadly, the Robin who made her nest on the rock wall by my driveway did not choose well. The rocks might have protected her from the rain and wind but not from climbing predators or even Crows for that matter.
It always makes me sad to see a nest destroyed and the babies gone.
I'm hoping that she decides to use the wooden Robin nesting box that John put up, for her next brood.


  1. Oh those tiny, tiny robins! We too have birds that nest right next to our screened in porch and I watch them.
    Nice of you to use fake hanging baskets...wouldn't have thought of that!

  2. Our robin, too, has gone and I don't think it was time for her to have reared the brood, we think rats, cats or something got them.

    I hope the other do well, they look wonderfully full of life.