Sunday, May 24, 2009

A time of new.

Remember the picture of the Robin's nest right by my driveway on the rock wall? I just took that picture on Thursday. Well, here's the picture of the eggs for today! BABIES..........boy was that quick. They must have just hatched.
The Phlox is blooming in the woods. It's like a fairy wonderland in there. Everywhere I looked it was thick with beautiful purple flowers. Some lavender and a few white. Just beautiful.
My daughter-in-law and granddaughter have gone back home. Mary has taken the last of her shower presents home with her. But, the oneies are still hanging in my bathroom. lolol She forgot them and I'm glad. I get to see them for another day.
The pool water warmed up to 80 degrees today and Hayden and a friend spent the entire day in the water. She was surprised to find herself sunburned by the end of the day. I guess waterproof suntan lotion doesn't really last all day, in the water. :(
I sat on the patio listening to the little girls play, giggle, splash and closed my eyes and just tried to make a mental tape of the sounds. I love the sounds of children playing, especially near water.
Murphy had his first "dip" in the pool. I held him and his bottom half got wet and frankly he was NOT impressed with any part of it. He has no love of water. It's something you drink and that's about it.
It's been a long weekend so far. Tomorrow, John is playing tennis and then golf. I told him that I will be painting the entire morning. I'm taking a couple of Internet classes and I'm behind on my lessons. It's a day of FUN for me. I'll post some pictures of what I have worked on.


  1. Bea, your new banner is by far my favorite you've had. It's so pretty and delciate looking.
    I can't believe those little babies have hatched already! I didn't see any cracks last time I saw those eggs! Unbelievable.
    Can't wait to see your paintings!
    Have fun!

  2. BEA! YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED by me. Go to my blog to see what you must do!

  3. Oh, it was Linda, was it!! I think soulbrush tagged me. What a great day you have had with your family. I, too, love the sound of children playing in the garden. They make up such games and run about like mad. Such energy. I don't have a pool of course, it would freeze over!! I've seen your painting of course as I read this backwards!!