Friday, May 01, 2009

This is my Lilac bush just about to start to bud out. It seems like it has taken ages to get to this stage. Like a watched pot it refuses to move any faster even with me peering at it every day.
I drove past the garden center and rows and rows of colorful flowers were just sitting there all calling my name...............Beeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa oh Beeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa take me hometakemehometakemehome.
I did stop and picked up a couple of new Lavender plants, some parsley, a little sage and four gorgeous Rocky Mountain Orange Geranium plants.
Every year the greenhouse seems to only have a limited selection of them. These give some orange color at a medium height in the garden which is really nice against the purple Morning glory flowers and some bright yellow marigolds under the geraniums and I'm a happy camper.
I am so proud of myself, even though I still seem to have things to do for the party tomorrow I got all my new plants, except for the geraniums, in the garden beds. It's just a tad to early for the geraniums.
Oh, and I picked up two little pots of Kentucky Mint. Those are not going anywhere near the garden. I'm potting those up in a separate pot and keeping them up on the deck.
Mint just spreads like wildfire. I'm having enough trouble getting rid of what already spread in the garden.


  1. Oh what a naughty girl. I have to avoid garden centres like the plague!! Or I spend a fortune. I agree about the mint! We have mint all over parts of the extended garden, it was here before we came! But it's not intruding where it is, so one the whole I leave it. I do hope you have a brilliant time tomorrow and expect to see lots of photos. May the sun shine on Bea....

  2. It's supposed to be a partly sunny day and in the low 60s. Perfect for being outside. I just cut the grass for the first time this year. It looks like green velvet.

  3. Do you have the old fashioned 7 year lilacs which really don't bloom until at least the 7th year? That's what I have and they should bloom this year; I hope.
    It has been too rainy to plant much here. Today I posted a still life image I did of geraniums. Drop by and "smell the flowers" at

  4. I think they are standard regular old purple French Lilacs. They did bloom last year and I can see that they have flower buds ready to go for this year. I think the trouble has been that they are trying to get their roots down through SOLID rocks or boulders.
    I love your flower photos! :)Bea