Friday, May 29, 2009

Some more pictures from Mineral Point.

Unfortunately, this little store wasn't open during the week. I would have loved to have gone in. Maybe next time, on a weekend.
I love the stone building and the beautiful old wood framed windows.

He's great, isn't he?

I thought this was really neat metal work on display in the place where we had lunch.

This was across the street from where we were parked and it just looked like a beautiful painting.

Another beautiful stone building and window. I think that the second floor is somebody's apartment. Beautiful.
Mark, Linda and Lucy all left this morning. John is running is annual Charity Golf event so he's gone all day. After Lucy left Murphy looked at me like, sooooooooooooooo when do I go to day care?
I've been alone and just enjoying the sunshine and gorgeous day. I wander around the yard, pulling a weed or two but not really ready to settle down to any hard work. I wanted to just experience missing Mark and Linda.
I enjoyed their company and the visit was so short.
Mary stopped by last night to have dinner with all of us. She looks so uncomfortable. She saw the doctor that morning and he told her he would be very surprised if he saw her next week. So, I guess he thinks she can deliver any time now.
As I said my Mother wants the baby to come on HER birthday, the 10th.
Mary had a dream little Riley would arrive one the 7th of June.
I told her that there was nothing wrong with June 3rd since it was just my anniversary. lolol
So, anytime you are ready little Riley.
We all went to the movies last night and saw the second in the series, Night in the Museum. It was a practically a private showing with only two other people in the theater. It was funny. I laughed out loud a number of times.
John had taken Hayden to see it, she's almost 9 and she enjoyed it but John said the humor is almost more for the adults and I have to agree.
But, if you are looking for a good family movie to see I recommend this one.
I have a Layer Love painting lesson to get to. I have done the first two but she's on the fourth one already so I better get to it.
Have a great day doing something creative. :)Bea


  1. Bea, I love the buildings and that first photo of the door is my favorite. I love old doors.
    Glad to see Murphy is handling life just dandy! LOL!
    The field of flowers was sure pretty. My mom's favorite color is lavendar so I know she'd love it too.
    Mary, Mary. Sigh. Been there done that. LOL! Having babies is for the young girls. I have no idea how or WHY some 50+ year old women want to even try. Beyond me. Mind boggling, really. LOL! Not hatin' just making a personal opinion statement. That's OK, right?

  2. I meant to tell you that the little iron guy reminds me of Michael DeMeng's art stuff. His is a little creepier, although fun to look at. LOL!

  3. I love the metal toy and of course the DOOR. What is it about a good door that makes my knees a little weak?

  4. Old doors, old toys, old windows, old buildings, old barns..........there's a theme here. lolol
    I just look at them and think about the history they have been through. It makes me sad when they are neglected and torn down.