Thursday, May 21, 2009

She likes this side of the house.

Yes, you are seeing a picture of the back of my car and the rock wall. Every time I get into the car a Robin would fly away from the rocks. I looked around for the nest but since I didn't see her actually leave it I didn't know where it was.
I don't know if when you enlarge this you can spot the nest. It won't let me click on the picture to make it bigger when I am actually doing the posting.

Well, here's a closer shot. What a clever Robin she is. It's protected from the rain by the overhanging stone. It's tucked into the rock and cement wall. I do wonder about a feral cat climbing around on those rocks or a raccoon. I don't think she actually thought this through.
On the East facing side of the house is a lovely Robin nesting box that John put up. Nice and high. Safe from anything that climbs. It's got the house overhang, plus it has it's own little roof. Did she want to build there? no....

So, I got a picture of her four beautiful eggs. So, now I have a Robin nesting on the North side of the house and the South side.

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  1. Well, we all know what happened. As I said, the robin that nested in the bank in our orchard has gone, probably cats or rats got her or at least drove her off the nest. Nature raw in tooth and claw.