Monday, May 11, 2009

Ride about.

Murphy and I took a little ride this morning to the garden center. It was time for him to work on his People Socialization skills. He did pretty well. We found a mother with two little children and they learned from their mother to ask if they could pet the puppy and Murphy learned how to sit and sniff their hands. Everyone seemed pleased with the results.
I go by this pine woods often and I love the path that the owner has made between the pine trees. Click on the picture and just imagine...................

This woodpile just got cut and stacked recently. It wasn't there the last time I drove by. Somebody has been very busy. I just love how it looks.

This is a vista view from one of my favorite roads near my house. In the distance you can see Blue Mounds, the highest point in our area. It's part of what the Native Americans referred to as the Nine Mounds. Someday, I'm going to do some research on that topic.

This is another view from the same road but looking down towards the valley. Those brown fields are going to be plowed soon. We had rain this past weekend but the soil is drying out fast. I know those farmers are anxious to get in their fields and plant.

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