Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Plum tree is blooming.

What a wonderful scent from the Plum tree. It's in full bloom right now. My Crab Apple trees are just ready to pop in bloom. Lots of rose-pink buds showing on the trees.
I'm tired today. It looks like it is going to rain. I need to get outside and get some more plants in the soil.
I opened The Artist Way this morning to work on the third week chapter.
I haven't been very good at keeping up with the "day" pages. She calls them morning pages but I just can't commit to getting something done every morning. I give myself a break when my "day pages" are really only twice a week pages.
The second week of the book had to do with Recovering a sense of identity.
A very interesting chapter. There was a quote in that chapter from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that I loved.
" Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself
and know that everything in this life has a purpose."
The other thing, the second chapter reminded me of was to watch who you surround yourself. There are people that will just DRAIN you creative energy. They are personalities that create storm centers. They may be very charismatic but they are long on problems and short on solutions and they come to YOU to try to put their life in order. They love drama and you are their supporting cast. Be careful if you have people like this in your life. Learn how to say no to them, back away from them. PROTECT your creative energy.
It's harder to do when they are family members but just as important. There the dynamics have been in place for years. They are going to fight a change in YOUR reaction to them. They are going to try to SHAME you into feeling guilty that you are their supporting cast. Trust me when I say that you can't solve their problems, you really shouldn't be trying to solve their problems because people need to learn that skill themselves.
The second week moves right into the third week of Recovering a Sense of Power.
"Many artists begin a piece of work, get well along in it and then find, as they near completion, that the work seems mysteriously drained of merit. It's no longer worth the trouble."
She mentions that to therapists this surge of sudden disinterest (It doesn't matter) is a routine coping device employed to deny pain and ward off vulnerability. And, adults that grew up in dysfunctional homes learn to use this coping device very well. They call it detachment but it is actually a numbing out.
Something for a number of people to think about. Very few of us grew up in a functional home.
"A lifetime of this kind of experience, in which needs for recognition are routinely dishonored, teaches a young child that putting anything out for attention is a dangerous act.
Just remember that shame is retriggered in us as adults because our internal artist is always our creative child."

People who are creative energy feeders use criticism and shame to manipulate people.

"Remember that criticism that damages is that which disparages, dismisses, ridicules or condemns. It is frequently vicious but vague and difficult to refute. This is the criticism that damages." Julia Cameron


  1. How lovely to have your plum blossom and the crab apple on its way. Blossom is so ethereal, it looks gorgeous, then it floats to the ground like confetti.

    Wow, that is some book you are tackling. I do know just what she means though by people who sap your strength. I think I was probably one of those. Maybe not, I was certainly very outgoing and wanted to be the centre of attention. Now I can do it in blog land in a virtual way. A very thought provoking post Bea, thank you.

  2. From the emails I have gotten it seems like many of us have to learn how to deal with negative energy from certain people. It's hard work but if we can learn how to set boundaries we can get back to what we love doing, CREATING.