Saturday, May 30, 2009

Out and about in the garden.

One of the Oak trees down by the edge of the woods is now in full leaf. It was just so pretty to stand there and look up through the leaves.
Sometimes I just like to sit in from of the Tara, on the grass and enjoy the peacefulness.

Well, these guys are growing way to quickly. This one has been sitting on the backs of his brothers and sisters, the entire day. There just doesn't seem to be room in the nest for everybody now. I noticed that Ma and Pa are still feeding them so we are being careful NOT to use that door and scare them out of the nest.
A wet, gray morning finally turned into a beautiful sunny day. I got the grass all cut.
I thought I would answer another question from my Tag.
What are you reading?
There are some books that I read a chapter a week. One of the is The Artist's Way. Another is Learning by the Heart and Life is a Verb. I've shared some of those chapters with you here in this blog.
Two recent, used purchases were Inspired to Quilt and Embellish, Stitch, Felt. Both books are packed with information and I just enjoy reading a bit at a time and try to absorb it all.
I usually read mysteries or thrillers but I've been know to devour a good Science Fiction book.
Honestly, if I am interested in something I might read everything I can find about it. Historical novels, autobiographies, science for the simple, etc.
When I was old enough to ride my bike around the neighborhood I often spent my mornings up at my local library, curled up in a window seat, with the resident cat, reading the Boxcar children.
My mother often didn't answer a question with any information but would tell me to look it up. She told me that everything I ever wanted to know I could find in a book.
I remember taking this information to heart and in high school I checked out a book that had, Everything You Want To Know About Getting A Boy,for the title.
I read the chapter about getting his attention and the next day I took every school book out of my locker and staggered down the hall towards his locker. Following the books suggestion I tripped and dropped my books at his feet. I scrambled to pick them up now horrified at what I was attempting. He offered to help me. I know I blushed.
He commented on how many books I had and how I must have a lot of homework. I'm sure I stuttered something out.
He offered me a ride home in his car. I was in seventh heaven until we got to the car and his regular rider home was sitting in the front seat.
Thankfully, it was just some other guy. I didn't fuss but the passenger did when he was asked by the driver to get in the back.
I rode home in total bliss. Mission accomplished.
The book had worked.
Unfortunately, it didn't tell me how to tell whether a guy was a jerk or not.
I had to learn that for myself. Now, there is a book. I think it's called something like He's Just Not Into You. lol

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