Sunday, May 31, 2009

OH MY, OH MY!!!!!!!!

Murphy and I took a walk down to the pond, this morning. I was amazed to see all these polliwogs down there. Murphy wasn't impressed. The Red-Wing Blackbird kept dive bombing us. lolol
Man, are we going to have froggies.

One flew away early this morning and by lunch time another one had left the nest. Now there are just two. Boy, that sure went fast, didn't it?

John just came home with my anniversary present. It's a little early but I'm so glad he did. He gave me a new camera. Now you know I love my little Cannon Powershot SD1000 but I have had some issues with it. My newer one is off having the lens repaired for the third time. Apparently, it takes four trips to repair before Best Buy will replace the item.

Well, now I have a beautiful Cannon Rebel XS 1000D. It's the same camera that my middle son purchased and I guess he and his Pa discussed and decided that it was the right camera for me. THANK YOU JAMES!!!!!
It has a macro lens and just glancing at the information book with the examples of the types of photos you can take this is just what I wanted.
I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited. Can you tell? lolololsnort

WOWOWOWOWSER you should see the big happy grin on my face. :)Bea


  1. I don't have a Cannon Rebel but I have the Powershot Pro 1 and I really love it. I don't do much with it other than take pics. One day I'll read the manual line per line. LOL!
    Early Happy Anniversary! What date is it?

  2. Don't you just love a good camera. I can tell the difference already in the crispness of your photos. Nothing makes me happier than my cameras.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. I also have a free program called Picassa that you can download on line that allows me to crop and fine tune a picture if I want to. Haven't had to use it for this camera, though.
    I have Adobe Photoshop 5 I think but I've never really learned how to use it. Someday...........

  4. I have the Canon 400D, love that baby, but I'm planning on upsizing to the 50D, with a few new lenses too. Would love to get a macro lens

    Love your photos