Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little this and that.

This picture is from the horse ranch where Hayden took her riding lessons last year. Every once in a while I catch someone exercising this horse with the cart. I'm sure there is a right name for the kind of horse that pulls this kind of cart. I want to call it a trotter or high stepper just because that's what he does and he is so beautiful when he is doing it. I swear he looks like he LOVES to pull that cart.
Now, for some unexplained reason, every time I watch this horse pulling the cart my eyes tear up. I have no personal history with horses or cart pulling horses. I sit there in the car and watch and tears roll down my cheeks. It befuddles me. Maybe it's because it's just so beautiful? I have no idea.

I pulled my soggy self together to meet an old dear friend for lunch, this afternoon. We tried out a new cafe called The Blue Spoon. That's not why I took a picture (rather fuzzy picture) of the little blue spoon. I took it because I ordered a scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream for dessert and this little blue spoon came in the ice cream. For a moment, just a micro second, I felt like a little kid. Remember those Dixie cups of ice cream with the little wooden paddle, to eat the ice cream? I hated those little wooded paddles. I didn't like the way it felt against my tongue. Reminded me of the nurse asking to see the back of my throat.
But, I smiled when I saw the little plastic blue spoon because THAT'S A PROPER LITTLE SPOON FOR EATING ICE CREAM.
This is my dog after a day of day care with his buddies. He can hardly move. He collapses on the floor next to the computer and falls instantly asleep.
When I pick him up from puppy day care I get a daily report card from the staff. It has his name, a sticker and What I did today: on it.
Today, Murphy apparently was "in his glory". He played with Deacon, Sophie, Lily, Muddy and Walter and they had a BLAST.
I know he has a great time there and the report card ALWAYS makes me smile when I get it.
They don't have to do it but it's fun to know who your puppy has been hanging with. Thanks ladies!

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  1. I love the little blue spoon and I know just what you mean about those horrid wooden ones. Made my teeth tingle!

    What a brilliant idea is puppy school. I'm sure they don't have anything like it in the UK or Ireland. Maybe I could start one??? Poor Buster looks like that every night after his wild roaming!