Sunday, May 10, 2009

Like a kid.........

Most of the time our Lilacs bloom on Mother's Day Weekend. There have been times in the past where they haven't just because the weather has been too cold. Like a kid, I ran outside this morning to see if mine had bloomed. Isn't it just beautiful. And, the smell, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My yard is full of new arrivals. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak arrived with their females. The top picture is of the female Grosbeak. She's quite calm around us.
The Indigo Buntings have arrived. There are four males, at the woods edge eating insects from my shredded bark pile.
In my Plum tree, as I type I can see a beautiful male Cardinal, a male Baltimore Oriole and the male Bluebird. It's quite colorful.
The red-wing Blackbird male is busy chasing any other RWB males out of the yard. He apparently has his ladies busy nest building now.
I peeked in the Bluebird house closest to the house and for the first time in years there is no nest. They have decided to nest in the box up in the apple orchard. I say orchard very loosely. I have seven dwarf apple trees struggling to bloom and live and two quite dead trees, up there. It's a battle between the deer and me every winter.
It's cool today and dropped down to 39 last night. I still haven't planted anything fragile yet. It's tempting, very tempting but I'll wait.
My children have checked in with me. That's an enjoyable thing. I checked in with my mother and her flowers had arrived, she was pleased.
I once referred to my mother as She Who Is Always Dying.
Her Mother's Day bombshell for me this year was that when she was in the hospital at Christmas time with a broken ankle she apparently flat lined and the hospital had to do a code blue.
My relationship with my mother is often like taking endless exams. Will I answer the correct way. After dropping this information/exam, in my lap, I told her that I was happy that the hospital had ignored her DO NOT RESUSCITATE notation. Whew........ I think I passed.
She upped the stakes this Mother's Day because last week when she told me that she planned on catching the recent flu and staying in her room and dying quietly I responded with, " that's a plan".
Mother's and daughters...............the stories that are out there.
I adored my husband's mother. She was truly the mother I needed. On last Thursday, on our road trip, we visited her grave. It was something my husband had wanted to do. The grave means nothing to me. I can feel Mom's energy near me at times. I have so many memories of her support, her unconditional love, her humor and her love of roses, in my heart and mind. She's with me whenever I think about her. She's certainly not under that cold marble slab.
My daughter will be dropping by this afternoon carrying her almost ready to be born daughter, in her womb. The cycle goes on. Our relationship is improving every day. Probably because both of us are getting older.
I hope you all are having a joyful day for whatever reason. Remember to create something.......let your soul out to play. :)Bea
P.S. The flowers on my banner this week are from the beautiful vase full of flowers I got from James and Caitlin. Thanks guys!


  1. Bea, I love your lilacs! What a beautiful shade of lavendar they are. The reflection of you home is so cool.

  2. Thank you. I am so happy they are finally blooming.
    I LOVE the smell. I just close my eyes and inhale and sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)Bea

  3. Beautiful lilac Bea and wonderful reflection in the pond. Our lilac is much darker than yours.

    It's lovely when you have a great mother in law. My 2nd husband's Mum and Dad were both fabulous and I loved them both. I went to theatre trips with them and on holiday. They baby sat our youngest many times and loved him so much. They were great dog sitters too. I miss them both.