Friday, May 08, 2009

Lemonade for sale.

In John's childhood neighborhood the houses are old and they have an alleyway behind the houses on one street and the next street over. Everybody's garage faces the alley. We were walking down the alleyway and saw this lemonade stand resting next to the garage. Apparently, selling lemonade is a big business in this neighborhood.

We saw this darling little lemonade stand up on the porch. At least that's what we thought it was.
One year the street by our old home was being torn up. New pipes were being installed and there was a great deal of construction work being done and a lot of workmen. I remember Justin, my oldest son, coming to me and suggesting that I made brownies or cookies so he could sell them with his lemonade to the workmen.
Years later, my middle son, James came up with the idea of selling lemonade at the park, across the street. Because the park was part of the bike loop around the lake, lots of people out riding bikes came by.
Business must have been slower than he liked because he came home and took his younger sister down, to sit by the stand. She had recently had a run in, literally, with her older brother's bicycle handlebars and was sporting a big black eye.
Business picked up with a cute little girl sitting by the stand with her black eye. I'm sure a lot people stopped to just find out what happened. Thankfully, no social workers or police were called in.


  1. Good story and pictures, Bea! I grew up with an alley behind our home. It's still there too.
    Whenever we'd have big block yard sales, my daugher would make cookies and sell them wrapped in cellophane. She had lots of customers since they were hungry from all the shopping. I miss those big yard sale days. Most of the neighbors who used to participate are older and not in the mood for being out all day.

  2. My grandmother had an alleyway behind her house. Oh did we have fun playing back there. There weren't many cars and lots of gates to swing on.

  3. What a great idea, selling lemonade and such a colourful stand. When I was very little we had a long alleyway that led to our back gate. I used to walk down it from school. One day a clap of thunder followed me all the way down. I was very scared!