Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a sunny day and we had plenty of rain last night. Everything is looking very lush. Today, Murphy and I are going to tackle a little garden bed right by our front entrance. I have always meant to turn it into a shade garden but hadn't gotten around to it.
Yesterday, Murphy and I went to our favorite little garden center and found some plants that will do well there. I'll post pictures and what we planted when it's done. Murphy had a ball at the garden center. I was going to leave him in the car but Christian, the owner, a sweet young man, probably close to my oldest son's age, said to bring him in. I had him on a leash and Christian told me that nobody was there yet just let him wander around.
Well, he had a blast, running from one green house to another, greeting the workers, chasing a Robin out of one of the greenhouses.
I use the term green house but these are not made of glass. They are Quonset style with plastic pulled over as a roof. So, if you have a stormy, windy, rainy day, like yesterday and the wind is blowing that plastic it makes a lot of noise.
Murphy would run back to me every time he heard the wind rumble the plastic. He got a lot of exercise!
Ok, I'm off to dig in the mud. WHAT FUN!!!!!!! I love it! I mean I really do love it. What a gorgeous day. Have fun today, be creative in what ever you do. :)Bea


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time. Beautiful pics!

  2. Sounds like our kind of fun. We've got lots of shady muddy bits, and we've got lots of rain. If you don't like digging in the mud, no point in moving to Ireland to garden!

  3. Well, I'm exhausted. I just got cleaned up, I'll wait and have a beer with John when he gets home.
    The soil was just perfect for digging, not to muddy, just right. lol I loaded up all the clumps of grass into the tractor wagon and hauled them around to the compost bins. Planted my plants. Hauled more mulch back around to the front with the lawn tractor and ta daaaaaaaaaaaa, done.
    Of course, it took me almost all day to get it done. :)Bea

  4. How busy you've been Bea, but what a wonderful feeling to have finished the job. Well done you. Can't wait for photos. Love the rainy hosta leaf.