Sunday, May 03, 2009

Isn't this just beautiful?

This is that beautiful orange geranium I was telling you about. It just screams summer and drinking ice cold beer next to the pool, doesn't it?
Ok, I'll keep my day job, writing ads isn't my forte.
I'm working in the garden beds, still cleaning out winter and fall debris.
Remind me next fall to do this then. Please!
The dandelions have multiplied since yesterday. The yard is a sea of yellow dots.
The Kentucky Derby party went well. We had a nice turnout. The weather stayed nice but a bit breezy. We were all ready to head inside to watch the race. I just love the jockey that won. What a contagious smile he has.
I hope you have a creative day. :)Bea


  1. She's so pretty I can smell her! I love the scent of geraniums. I've never seen an orange one. Red yes, but never orange. I love the spots of color they give a garden. Very pretty and make mine a Miller Lite. LOL!

  2. Oh what a glorious colour and quite unusual too. I love white geraniums. In fact, I love white flowers! I'm so glad the party went well and the jockey you liked won!