Monday, May 25, 2009

In progress....

I'm taking an online background painting class. The first lesson is called the Red Page. Basically, this is a class to learn how to achieve depth in your background pages for journals and books. It's geared toward the "grunge" or deliberately aged/distressed look.
Learning about layers is interesting. We first started out with opaque acrylic colors, then layered them from light to dark. Then we added the Transparent acrylic colors. Those are the ones that have names that most of us can't pronounce. Again, going from light to dark by adding some of the gray/blue and black to darken.

There is a lot of blending of edges with a rag and then this step which is kinda cool. Adding layers of drip marks. The lighter drip marks actually make funky journal lines.
I admit this technique won't appeal to a lot of people but for a lot of the teens that take a journal workshop, this kind of page is what they want to do.
My pictures aren't as crisp as I would like. I've really been having problems with my little digital Canon. I'm hoping the Anniversary Fairy decides to upgrade me to a larger better digital camera. An Anniversary Fairy could talk to middle son about this since he's got one. HINT HINT
This is all I have done so far on the piece. I have to remind myself to let it dry between adding colors. I'm also sitting on a stool and for some reason that's giving my lower back fits so I'm taking a break and now I'll go do some laundry and plant some flowers and then come back to it. See you later! GO DO SOMETHING CREATIVE! :)Bea

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  1. Funnily enough, doing the ATCs has raised the question of backgrounds with me too. I was chatting to Jim about it earlier. Stampmaiden does wonderful backgrounds but I can't quite work out what she does. I can see that stamps are often involved but colour too.

    What a great idea to do this course. I like what you've produced so far. I'm not and never have been a painter though, so find the whole process quite difficult.