Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the garden.

I found this stone buried in my Hosta bed. I brought it from the old house and I guess after seven years of adding mulch to the bed it just got buried.
Nice to see it again.
I planted two new ferns near the statue I got last year. Isn't she pretty? I just love how graceful she looks and so art deco.

This is the last of my daffodils. It's a double and just the creamiest white with that butter yellow in the center.

I was filling up my cart with mulch to spread in the garden when I unearthed this guy. I never did see which end was his head or even how long he actually was. I covered him up right away. He doesn't need to be the Red Tailed Hawks dinner tonight.

Ok, I know this isn't the best picture but the Phoebe's nest is RIGHT UP against the underside of the deck and it was really hard to stick the camera in there to take a picture. I counted five little eggs. She had a lot to say about me being under the deck. She swooped in as soon as I got out from under there. Probably muttering to herself about two leggeds.
I'm planting flowers and working in the garden beds. I wandered around the garden center with the same expression that most of the other people there had on their faces. Kind of a glazed look and a silly smile. I saw some people with lists. I think the staff is trained to gently take such a person, by the elbow and navigate a course for them. A list makes you think you have some control. Put a gardener in the midst of a riot of color and plants and they just get that deer in the headlight look, the list totally forgotten.
I did treat myself to a new edger at Farm and Fleet. It looks like a square spade but the edge is rather sharp and it really cuts down through grass.
They say rain for tomorrow. That's good I need to do some inside cleaning.
Justin and just the two little boys will be coming down this weekend.
What fun! It's been a long time since I've seen them.


  1. I love your little statue and the plaque, it's great when something like that turns up. Not sure about the snake. I laughed at your description of the garden centre's shoppers. it's just the same everywhere!

  2. What great digs you unearthed! My favorite is the rock. And your creamy daffodils are so pretty. The pictures of the little houses are adorable.
    Thanks for being such a dedicated blogger. I can always count on you for something new. You really inspire me to get on the ball. LOL!