Monday, May 04, 2009

Reprinting photos on fabric.

I love to find surprises in the woods. Not animal surprises but flowers. I don't remember planting these in this spot so I wonderful if a gardening minded squirrel replanted a bulb for me.
That brings me to today's topic. I want to print my photographs or variations on my photographs on fabric. I bought a good printer with individual ink cartridges because it was suggested that would produce a good image.
I bought a sample pack of different kinds of cotton and silk paper backed for printing and tried them.
I'm still not happy with the image. It's dull. It's a little brighter on some fabrics but still not as crisp and clear as I would really like it.
A fellow blogging friend Gina has been doing something really interesting with her photographs, in Photo Shop. She's been making a panorama with shots. I love this look. Don't know how to achieve it. She's probably going to force me to actually open my PHOTO SHOP FOR DUMMIES book to find out how to do it, drat.
I was thinking how neat a wall hanging that panorama would be printed out on fabric and incorporated into an interesting piece of quilt art.
So, while keeping those thought "balls" in the air, I was looking through the newest book to arrive in my mailbox, From Image to Stitch by Maggie Grey.
She talks about a product called InkAID that allows you to print on ANYTHING that can go through your printer. I mean ANYTHING. I Googled it and found this. It has some videos that I haven't see but I will watch.

She has two photographs in the book for comparison and both were printed on watercolor paper. The one painted with InkAID before printing is beautiful. Nice and bright, looks just like the photograph.

So, I'm giving this some serious thought. If anybody has tried it let me know what you think of the product. If you have found something that works and feel you can share the process with other artists, I would love to hear about it.


  1. Oh me me me, you mentioned me!! I'm proud!! lol. If you realised how easy it was Bea!! Right, first, take your photos and make sure you duplicate a bit of each photo with the next. So, if you take the first one with lots of trees on the left then the bleeding hearts, say, then move the camera to the right, take the photo of the trees to the right, including the bleeding hearts again. Then the computer has something to match on each photo. See? You can also go above in the same manner and below. I did one today but it was really too dull to work and is a bit blurry. Do email me with any questions. Oh, then go to photoshop and click on file, go to photomerge and browse in the little box. Upload all the photos you want into that box, click ok and that's it. You can manually move them about too. So they don't all have to join, rather like LeatherdykeUK does with hers. Hers are much more clever than mine!

    Right, where was I? I haven't tried printing on other mediums yet but will when I get into my studio and have room for my printer!! I'm in a sort of 'lobby' at the moment.

  2. Ye gods, I burbled on a bit there, didn't I??