Monday, May 04, 2009


I found my two Hummingbird feeders put away properly. YAY me! I brought them into the house and put them in the sink to just soak them and make sure they were clean while I found the syrup mix to put in them.
While I was doing this I could hear a chattering and Louie was watching something sitting on the open window.
I grabbed my camera and lol yep, it was the Baltimore Oriole! Do you think he was watching me bring those feeders from the barn and waiting for me to put them up? Since this is the first time I have seen him since he arrived I think it's quite a coincidence, don't you?
The two middle pictures are of the Robin's nest that she has built on our porch light, on the front deck. We go in and out of this door every day to take Murphy out. This doesn't seem to bother her.
I love how she made the far side, from the door, nice and neat but left all the straggly branches hanging down on the door side. As if she was saying, "nothing to see here, just a bush, move on".
The last picture is of the Phoebe's nest, under the side deck. Lots of moss and if it is built like ones in the past the inside is lined with fresh moss. Nice and soft for the babies.


  1. This is supposed to be very good luck. I can't wait to see the babies.

  2. The Purple Finches are still debating house building in the wreath on the front porch. There has been a lot of chatter out there about it but no actual nest building yet.

  3. Oh such excitement. Phoebes? What are they?? I love the robin's nest. They nest in the oddest places, don't they? You saw the one on my blog in that little hole hidden behind some wire in the bank. Humming birds, how amazing.

  4. What still gets me is that they saw me carrying those red feeders from the barn/studio to the house.
    I'm not paranoid I AM BEING WATCHED! lololsnort

  5. Ha ha, they're saying 'hurry up woman'.!!